Hello, I’m Bartosz Czapiewski, the founder of Excel BI Academy. I invite you to my Academy, where I share my knowledge from many years of work on reporting projects.

Thanks to the courses at the Academy, I have helped thousands of people change their reports and careers. You will find there as much as 13 hours of free video with the possibility of asking questions and obtaining a certificate:

  • Excel formulas and data operations (5 h)
  • Excel Pivot Tables (6h)
  • Reporting on maps in Excel & Power BI (2 h)

Is the course really free?

the course is 100% free

the course materials are free to download

you can use the materials further, and even train others on their basis

Learn Excel with me!

Over 20,000 people are learning online with me because:

  • I explain using the simple language (or as the graduates write: I translate from Excel to English)
  • I present only practical examples based on 15 years of work with Excel
  • I present many tricks, ways to save time and automate reporting

What’s included in the course?

Formulas and data operations

Lesson 1
Introduction to Excel formulas

  • mathematical formulas
  • address blocking
  • keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 2
Sprint across Excel formulas

  • logical, date and time, text

Lesson 3

  • introduction to the formula and common mistakes
  • XLOOKUP – new Excel 365 formula

Lesson 4
Key formulas in reports

  • array formulas

Lesson 5
Data operations

  • sorting and filtering
  • finding and replacing
  • conditional formatting

Excel Pivot Tables


Lesson 1
Introduction to a pivot table

Lesson 2
Basic calculations in a pivot table

Lesson 3
Layout, formatting, and sorting of a pivot table

Lesson 4
Grouping of a pivot table

Lesson 5
Filtering of a pivot table

Lesson 6
Pivot chart

Lesson 7
Show values as

Lesson 8
Calculated field

Lesson 9
Developing a dashboard on a pivot table

Lesson 10
Slicers and filtering

Lesson 11
Advanced calculations

Lesson 12
Advanced pivot charts

Map reports in Excel and Power BI


Lesson 1
Power Map 3D

Lesson 2
Work with addresses

Lesson 3
Other ways to make maps in Excel

Lesson 4
Standard maps in Power BI

Lesson 5
Examples of projects with maps in Excel and Power BI

Why is it worth taking advantage of the courses at the ExcelBIAcademy.com ?

Akademia icons 24h

24/7 access to video courses from any device.

Akademia icons cwiczenia

The practical nature of the courses – exercises only – based on the experiences of hundreds of participants of our training courses.

Akademia icons question

Opportunity to ask questions on a regular basis.

Akademia icons video

Access to video also after completing the course (who doesn’t dream about it?).

Akademia icons certyficat

The certification process confirming the acquired skills.

Akademia icons book

The scope of material constantly updated (with changes in tools).

Sample lessons:



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