Power BI – prepare data, create data model, design dashboard

Description of training

BI, that is Business Intelligence, means providing to proper people the proper information in proper time and in a proper form, and this information should help with making proper business decisions. This is a popular definition of this term. So what is Power BI? It is a set of tools that allow using Business Intelligence in practice. An analyst, who is able to use Power BI, will be very valuable for his company – he will be able to focus on key indicators finding and accurately identifying chances and risks.

Aim of the training

Aim of the training is to prepare for using Power BI efficiently – the participant will be able to prepare data, design a data model with calculations (KPIs) as well as publish reports and dashboards.

Participants will learn:

  • How to install and prepare themselves to work with Power BI Desktop
  • How to prepare data for analysis using Power Query
  • How to create a data model using and how to design measures (KPIs) in DAX
  • How to create charts and dashboards in Power BI
  • How to publish the reports to Power BI Online
  • How to visualise data using Power BI so it is clear and readable for recipients


All of our trainings are based on practical exercises combined with theoretical information. All participants will receive an exercise book which includes description of methods practiced during the classes.

Training form:

The training takes place online or on-site in the ordering company’s office or any place chosen by it. A coordinator from the ordering company chooses a group of participants not larger than 15 people. The participants should have Power BI installed. The training lasts 2 or 3 days (each day lasting 7 hours).


3400 EUR for a 2-day training
5100 EUR for a 3-day training (recommended)
+ optionally 149 EUR per person for 4in1 POWER courses bundle at Excel BI Academy (22 hours of videos)

It is a good practice to organize first a 3-day Power BI Basics training and then after a while a 3-day Power BI Advanced training – Data modelling, DAX, Power BI tips & tricks.

Number of participants

Maximum number of participants is 15 persons, the price is independent of the number of participants.

Training agenda

Quick Start in Power BI

  1. Loading data
  2. Your first chart
  3. Hierarchy and conditional formatting
  4. Matrix, table & measures
  5. Q&A
  6. Line charts
  7. Interactions, slicers & filters
  8. Publishing the report to Power BI Online

Prepare the data with Power Query

  1. Report from A to Z
  2. Append & getting the files from folder
  3. Merge queries vs VLOOKUP
  4. Add new columns & transform columns
  5. Group data
  6. Unpivot

Design a data model with DAX measures

  1. Loading the source data
  2. Designing the table with calendar
  3. Creating a data model
  4. Checking the data model
  5. Creating calculations using DAX

Training in numbers


day training full of exercises


exercises to do by Participants


pages of training handout + optionally 22 h videos

Profile of a participant:

All persons interested in creating reports using Power BI Desktop – a Microsoft tool for reporting and analysing of data that as one of the very few tools can be used free of charge.

After the training the participants:

  • Will save many hours of work creating refreshable queries to reference databases, files and folders using Query.
  • Will create reports based on several sources which process large amount of data very quickly.
  • Will design dashboards using Power BI and share them to other users.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Automated process of refreshing of reports that provides an analyst with more time for drawing conclusions.
  • Access to reports using internet browser and mobile applications.
  • Management of access to data, linking the access with Active Directory, broad possibilities of cooperation between employees.

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