How to pay?

Free Excel course

13 hours of Excel online course is 100% free.

Just set up an account > log in > learn.

Power courses and 4in1 bundle

The 4in1 Power Courses bundle requires a purchase in one of the following ways:

Option 1 – Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

Put the product into the basket > Pay instantly by credit card or PayPal.
You will automatically receive an invoice to your e-mail.

Option 2 – Pay the invoice by bank transfer

Order via e-mail and pay by bank transfer (often chosen by companies). To order the courses via e-mail:

    • Send me an e-mail to with the invoice data (company name, address, tax ID or EU VAT ID for EU countries) and account data (first name and e-mail of every participant).
    • Within 24 hours, I will set up an account (without waiting for the payment) and send you back the login details and the invoice.
    • Deliver the invoice to the accounting and let your comapany pay by bank transfer.
    • The standard payment period is 14 days, but you can ask for a longer time if necessary.

In case of any questions feel free to contact me.

Contact details

Bartosz Czapiewski
tel.: +48 500 196 861

Our company data Bartosz Czapiewski
ul. św. Wincentego 128C/4
03-291 Warszawa
EU VAT ID: PL5941476016

Bartosz Czapiewski

An expert in the area of BI and data visualisation with +10 years of experience as an analyst, report designer, consultant and trainer. He prepared reports for the largest companies. Enthusiast of Excel (with Power Query and Power Pivot), Power BI, data visualisation and dashboards.

Do you have any questions?

Contact me:

 +48 500 196 861