Hello, I’m Bartosz Czapiewski, the author of the SkuteczneRaporty.pl and ExcelBI.pl blogs. I invite you to my Academy, where I share my knowledge from many years of work on reporting projects.

Thanks to the courses at the Academy, I have helped thousands of people change their reports and careers . You will find there as much as 13 hours of free video with the possibility of asking questions and obtaining a certificate:

  • Excel formulas and data operations (5 h)
  • Excel Pivot Tables (6h)
  • Reporting on maps in Excel & Power BI (2 h)

How can any Excel user automate their work with data and create attractive, interactive dashboards?

In my opinion, each analyst should then follow the new Excel learning curve, learning in turn: Power Query, Power Pivot (including data modeling and DAX), dashboards in Excel and Power BI. The next stages are available at the Academy for a fee, but it is worth investing in them, as shown by the stories of participants whom the courses allowed:

  • make better business decisions,
  • gain recognition and self-confidence,
  • get promoted or get a better paid job,
  • plan and better implement their professional career.

Begin a new stage in your life

Learning the POWER add-ins in Excel will allow you to make significant changes in the reporting processes:

  • you will save working hours by automating reporting (Power Query),
  • you will improve the quality of data by catching errors (Power Query),
  • you will build transparent data models with KPIs (Power Pivot / Power BI),
  • you will develop intuitive and interactive dashboards (Excel / Power BI).

9 out of 10 Excel users have not heard of them at all, so after the courses you have a great chance to become the king of reporting and an agent of changes in your organization.

4 courses 60% cheaper.

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The package includes the following courses:

  • Power Query for Excel and Power BI analysts
  • Data model and DAX for Excel Power Pivot and Power BI users
  • Data visualization and designing Excel dashboards
  • Power BI Desktop

Only 299 €

instead of 796

9 out of 10 students choose a bundled purchase.
The package cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.

What are the courses included?

Power Query course

Lesson 1. Append

  1. Append workbooks
  2. DYI: Append two sheets of the same workbook
  3. Get data from folder of Excel files
  4. DYI: Get data from folder of CSV files
  5. Get data from sheets with different names
  6. Appending problems

Lesson 2. Merge queries

  1. Merge Excel sheets
  2. Merge scenarios
  3. DYI: Merge

Lesson 3. Loading queries to Excel

  1. Create a pivot table on a query
  2. New columns for pivot tables
  3. DYI: Operating on columns
  4. Column from examples

Lesson 4. Group

  1. Group by = Pivot table

Lesson 5. Pivot & Unpivot

  1. Unpivot
  2. Pivoted column
  3. DIY: Unpivot dates

Lesson 6. Get data from Web

  1. Get data from Web
  2. Get data from Web 2
  3. Example of function

Lesson 7. Repetition

Data model & DAX language course

Lesson 1. Building a data model

  1. Where to find data model in Power Pivot and Power BI?
  2. How not to build a data model in Excel?
  3. Creating queries in Power Query
  4. Creating relations in Power Pivot

Lesson 2. Inserting a pivot table

  1. Designing a pivot table
  2. Product with no sales and basics of data model
  3. Distinct count
  4. Drill down

Lesson 3. Hierarchy

  1. Creating a hierarchy
  2. Hierarchy in a Pivot table
  3. Hierarchy on a slicer

Lesson 4. Date table

  1. Creating a date table
  2. Hiding fields in Power Pivot
  3. Sorting by column

Lesson 5. Basic DAX formulas

  1. My first measure: SUM
  2. DIY: SUM
  4. COUNT
  7. DIY: basic formulas


  1. SUMIF vs SUM in a pivot table
  3. Pivot table not working – filter context
  4. Basic measures with columns
  5. Limitations

Lesson 7. Functions with X

  1. SUMPRODUCT in Excel
  2. SUMX
  4. DIY: formulas with X
  5. Context transition

Lesson 8. Other formulas

  4. Other formulas – DIY

Lesson 9. ALL functions

  1. ALL on a table
  2. ALL on column and ALLEXCEPT
  4. DYI: ALL functions

Lesson 10. FILTER

  1. How does the FILTER work?
  3. Row and filter context

Lesson 11. Time Intelligence

  2. Year-To-Date
  3. Last Month
  4. Time formulas without Time Intelligence
  5. DIY: Time Intelligence

Lesson 12. Sales vs Targets

  1. Target realization

Data visualization and dashboard design course

Lesson 1. Introduction to Data Visualization

  1. Human senses and memory
  2. Tables vs. charts – basic applications
  3. History of data visualization
  4. What does the effective chart mean?
  5. Graphicacy and its impact on number communication

Lesson 2. Tables and charts

  1. 7 principles of effective number communication
  2. Basic types of tables and charts
  3. Which Excel chart to choose?
  4. Application of color
  5. Relationships and chart selection matrix
  6. Other types of charts
  7. Presentation of geographical data

Lesson 3. Reports

  1. What is a dashboard?
  2. Dashboard examples
  3. Management dashboard vs. analytical dashboard
  4. Is my report effective?

Power BI course

Lesson 1. Quick Start

  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Interface & Getting data
  3. My first column chart
  4. Hierarchy on a chart
  5. Hierarchy in the data model
  6. Grouping data
  7. DIY: Column chart
  8. Matrix = Pivot table
  9. DIY: Matrix
  10. Table = Pivot table
  11. Line chart & Analytics
  12. Explain the increase / decrease
  13. DIY: Line chart
  14. Waterfall, Funnel chart, Treemap
  15. Q&A
  16. DIY: Q&A
  17. Scatter chart & Zoom slider
  18. Maps
  19. DIY: Maps
  20. Chart interactions
  21. Slicers
  22. Slicers options
  23. Publishing the report to Power BI Online
  24. DYI: Repetition

Lesson 2. Data Visualization Basics

  1. DIY: Test your skills
  2. Data viz rules
  3. DIY: Exercise 1
  4. DIY: Exercise 2
  5. DIY: Exercise 3
  6. DIY: Exercise 4
  7. DIY: Exercise 5
  8. DIY: Exercise 6
  9. DIY: Exercise 7

Lesson 3. Data model

  1. Creating a data model
  2. Defining measures
  3. Gauge
  4. Conditional formatting
  5. KPI chart
  6. Sorting by column
  7. URL image
  8. Quick measures: YTD
  9. Quick measures: YoY % change
  10. Quick measures: Average per category
  11. Quick measures: Filtered value
  12. DIY: Quick measures

Lesson 4. Advanced & AI charts

  1. Hans Rosling’s chart
  2. Animated charts
  3. Small multiples
  4. Histogram
  5. Ribbon chart
  6. Clusters
  7. Dot plot
  8. Explain distribution
  9. Decomposition tree

Why is it worth buying 4in1 POWER courses bundle?

Akademia icons 24h

24/7 access to video courses from any device.

Akademia icons cwiczenia

The practical nature of the courses – exercises only – based on the experiences of hundreds of participants of our training courses.

Akademia icons question

Opportunity to ask questions on a regular basis.

Akademia icons video

Access to video also after completing the course (who doesn’t dream about it?).

Akademia icons certyficat

The certification process confirming the acquired skills.

Akademia icons book

The scope of material constantly updated (with changes in tools).

Sample lessons:



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2. Placing an order and payment by bank transfer

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Only 299 €

instead of 796

9 out of 10 students choose a bundled purchase.
The package cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.

Download the bundle offer as PDF file

The Power series add-ins are fairly new and unknown to most Excel users. By learning Excel, the analyst first learns about formulas and pivot tables. What comes next?

Watch the video about the Excel revolution

I recommend for an intermediate Excel user the following path:

Knowing about the Power components allows Excel and Power BI users to:

  • Automate your work
  • Save time
  • Improve data quality
  • Improve the appearance of reports and their interactivity
  • Raise the quality of your decisions

We have been a trusted partner in training for:

Only 299 €

instead of 796

9 out of 10 students choose a bundled purchase.
The package cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.

Each of us has the power to change the stories of people in need. By purchasing the course, you support the Puppet program run by the Polish Humanitarian Action with me. Puppet helps malnourished children by financing meals in schools and community institutions.

From each course sold at the SkuteczneRaporty.pl Academy, 5% of the gross value is transferred to PAH:

1 course = 10 meals

1 package = 14 meals

I support the action which, in my opinion, provides “wise” help – the support goes to those children in Poland and around the world who need meal sponsoring, and who, for various reasons, are not supported by social welfare centres.

Get ready to work with POWER add-ins by getting to know (or repeating) Excel with me in free online courses:

  • Excel formulas and data operation (5 h)
  • Excel Pivot Tables (6 h)
  • Reporting on maps in Excel & Power BI (2 h)

Here is the new Excel learning curve you will follow:

The most important information about the promotion of the 4in1 POWER courses bundle

What courses are included in the package?
What is the cost?

The cost of more than 22 hours of courses is now only 299 EUR for unlimited access for 1 person

How much am I saving?

Thanks to the bundled purchase, you save as much as 60% compared to the regular price of single courses.

Did you purchase 1 course?

If you have 1 course, you can access the others for an extra payment of the difference. In this case, also write to bartosz@excelbiacademy.com

Are there group purchases?

It is possible to buy a package of courses for a larger group of people for a specified period of time. If you are interested in this option, please send an inquiry to bartosz@excelbiacademy.com.

How to sign up for a package?

Add the bundle to the cart and pay immediately by credit card or PayPal. Access to the course will be granted automatically within a few minutes, and you will receive a VAT invoice by e-mail.

It is possible to pay by bank transfer based on the invoice payable within 14 days or longer (the option preferred by companies). In this case, send to me at bartosz@excelbiacademy.com:

1. First name and e-mail address of the participant.

2. Invoice data (including the EU VAT ID for EU countries)

I will give you access to the course within 24 hours and send an invoice to your e-mail address. You then have 14 days to pay.

How much time do I have to complete the package?

Access to the courses is unlimited, which will allow you to come back to any course in the package whenever you want.

How are the courses held?

The courses are a series of videos in English that are watched after logging in to the website, combined with exercises to do by yourself.

Can I ask questions?

Of course. In each section, you can add comments that allow you to ask a question and get an answer. Moreover, there are also available questions from other participants and my answers to them. And if that wasn’t enough, you can write or call me.

Can I repeat the lessons?

The course is designed so that you can take it at your own pace and watch it whenever you want. You can come back to the items you’ve watched, pause, rewind, and skip.

Can I share my login details with my friends?

No, the course is purchased individually. If you like the course, just recommend the site to your friends.

What if I don't like the package?

You have a 30-day full refund guarantee if this package does not meet your expectations. All you need to do is send a justification and the account number for the refund to the address bartosz@excelbiacademy.com.

How to contact in case of problems?

Write to me at bartosz@excelbiacademy.com or call +48 500 196 861

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

The condition for obtaining the certificate is completing the course and completing the post-training task (individually after each course). The content of the assignment is included in the course itself. After meeting these conditions, you will receive a certificate and a bonus.

still have questions?

Write to me at bartosz@excelbiacademy.com or call +48 500 196 861

Only 299 €

instead of 796

9 out of 10 students choose a bundled purchase.
The package cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions.